Changes in Biology Self-Efficacy during a First-Year University Course

  title={Changes in Biology Self-Efficacy during a First-Year University Course},
  author={Louise Ainscough and Eden Foulis and Kay Louise Colthorpe and Kirsten Zimbardi and Melanie Robertson-Dean and Prasad Chunduri and Lesley J. Lluka},
  booktitle={CBE life sciences education},
Academic self-efficacy encompasses judgments regarding one's ability to perform academic tasks and is correlated with achievement and persistence. This study describes changes in biology self-efficacy during a first-year course. Students (n = 614) were given the Biology Self-Efficacy Scale at the beginning and end of the semester. The instrument consisted of 21 questions ranking confidence in performing biology-related tasks on a scale from 1 (not at all confident) to 5 (totally confident). The… CONTINUE READING

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