Change of suicidal ideation induced by suicide attempt.


Some studies have reported that a suicide attempt has a cathartic effect. We studied a change of suicidal ideation just before and after a suicide attempt to test whether a cathartic effect exists and, if a cathartic effect does exist, to identify factors that may affect it. Subjects consisted of 88 suicide attempters (29 males, 59 females, mean age=35.5… (More)


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@article{Matsuishi2005ChangeOS, title={Change of suicidal ideation induced by suicide attempt.}, author={Kunitaka Matsuishi and Noboru Kitamura and Mayumi Sato and Kazuyuki Nagai and Seung-Young Huh and Kouichi Ariyoshi and Shinichi Sato and Tatsuo Mita}, journal={Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences}, year={2005}, volume={59 5}, pages={599-604} }