Change of color and translucency by light curing in resin composites.

  title={Change of color and translucency by light curing in resin composites.},
  author={Sharanbir K. Sidhu and Takatsumi Ikeda and Yo Omata and Megumi Fujita and Hidehiko Sano},
  journal={Operative dentistry},
  volume={31 5},
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated color and translucency changes caused by light curing resin composite materials. METHODS The CIELAB parameters (L*, a* and b*) of disks of A2 and opaque A2 shades of Charisma (Heraeus-Kulzer), Solare (GC) and Filtek Supreme (3M) were evaluated on the backings of black, white and the material itself both before and after light curing to evaluate color and translucency changes (by means of calculating deltaE* and the translucency parameter, respectively… CONTINUE READING

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