Chandra Observations of Gas Stripping in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4552 in the Virgo Cluster

  title={Chandra Observations of Gas Stripping in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4552 in the Virgo Cluster},
  author={Marie E. Machacek and C. Jones and William R. Forman and Paul E. J. Nulsen},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  pages={155 - 166}
We use a 54.4 ks Chandra observation to study ram pressure stripping in NGC 4552 (M89), an elliptical galaxy in the Virgo Cluster. Chandra images in the 0.5-2 keV band show a sharp leading edge in the surface brightness 3.1 kpc north of the galaxy center, a cool (kT = 0.51 keV) tail with mean density ne ~ × 10-3 cm-3 extending ~10 kpc to the south of the galaxy, and two 3-4 kpc horns of emission extending southward away from the leading edge. These are all features characteristic of supersonic… 

Chandra Observations of Nuclear Outflows in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4552 in the Virgo Cluster

We use a 54.4 ks Chandra observation to study nuclear outflow activity in NGC 4552 (M89), an elliptical galaxy in the Virgo Cluster. Chandra images in the 0.5-2 keV band show two ringlike features

The Infall of the Virgo Elliptical Galaxy M60 toward M87 and the Gaseous Structures Produced by Kelvin–Helmholtz Instabilities

We present Chandra observations of hot gas structures, which are characteristic of gas-stripping during infall, in the Virgo cluster elliptical galaxy M60 (NGC4649) located 1 Mpc east of M87. Chandra

Stripped Elliptical Galaxies as Probes of ICM Physics. III. Deep Chandra Observations of NGC 4552: Measuring the Viscosity of the Intracluster Medium

We present results from a deep (200 ks) Chandra observation of the early-type galaxy NGC 4552 (M89), which is falling into the Virgo cluster. Previous shallower X-ray observations of this galaxy

X-Ray Constraints on Galaxy-Gas-Jet Interactions in the Dumbbell Galaxies NGC 4782 and NGC 4783 in the LGG 316 Galaxy Group

We present results from a 49.3 ks Chandra X-ray observation of the strongly interacting dumbbell galaxies NGC 4782 (3C 278) and NGC 4783 that constrain the kinematics of the interaction and models


We use Chandra X-ray observations of the hot gas in and around NGC 6868 and NGC 6861 in the Telescopium galaxy group (AS0851) to probe the interaction history between these galaxies. Mean surface

The Active Nucleus of IC 4970: A Nearby Example of Merger-Induced Cold-Gas Accretion

We present results from Chandra X-ray and Spitzer mid-infrared observations of the interacting galaxy pair NGC 6872/IC 4970 in the Pavo galaxy group and show that the smaller companion galaxy IC 4970

Deep Chandra observations of NGC~1404: cluster plasma physics revealed by an infalling early-type galaxy

The intracluster medium (ICM), as a magnetized and highly ionized fluid, provides an ideal laboratory to study plasma physics under extreme conditions that cannot be achieved on Earth. NGC 1404 is a


With multiband photometric data in public archives, we detected four intracluster star-forming regions in the Virgo Cluster. Two of them were at a projected distance of 35 kpc from NGC 4388 and the

The bow shock, cold fronts and disintegrating cool core in the merging galaxy group RX J0751.3+5012

We present a new Chandra X-ray observation of the off-axis galaxy group merger RX J0751.3+5012. The hot atmospheres of the two colliding groups appear highly distorted by the merger. The images

Ripping apart at the seams: the network of stripped gas surrounding M86

We present a new study of the Virgo Cluster galaxies M86, M84, NGC 4338 and NGC 4438 using a mosaic of five separate pointings with XMM–Newton. Our observations allow for robust measurements of the



Hot Gas Structure in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4472

We present X-ray spectroscopic and morphological analyses using Chandra ACIS and ROSAT observations of the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 4472 in the Virgo Cluster. We discuss previously unobserved

Infall of the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1404 into the Fornax Cluster

We use three Chandra observations, totaling 134.3 ks, to constrain the dynamical motion of NGC 1404 falling toward the dominant elliptical NGC 1399 through the Fornax Cluster gas. The surface

X-Ray Evidence for the Interaction of the Giant Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4472 with its Virgo Cluster Environment

We analyze X-ray spatial and spectral data on the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 4472, the brightest galaxy in the Virgo cluster. The X-ray contours of NGC 4472 are elongated in the northeast-southwest

The Chandra Fornax Survey. I. The Cluster Environment

We present the first results of a deep Chandra survey of the inner ~1° of the Fornax cluster of galaxies. Ten 50 ks pointings were obtained in a mosaic centered on the giant elliptical galaxy NGC

XMM-Newton Observation of an X-Ray Trail between the Spiral Galaxy NGC 6872 and the Central Elliptical Galaxy NGC 6876 in the Pavo Group

We present XMM-Newton observations of a trail of enhanced X-ray emission extending along the full 8.′7 × 4′ region between the large spiral galaxy NGC 6872 and the dominant elliptical galaxy NGC 6876

A Small X-Ray Corona of the Narrow-Angle Tail Radio Galaxy NGC 1265 Soaring through the Perseus Cluster

A deep Chandra observation of NGC 1265 (3C 83.1B), the prototype for the narrow-angle tail (NAT) radio galaxy, reveals a small cool X-ray thermal corona (~0.6 keV) embedded in the hot ICM of the

VLA H I Observations of Gas Stripping in the Virgo Cluster Spiral NGC 4522

We present VLA H I observations at ∼20″ ≃ 1.5 kpc resolution of the highly inclined, H I–deficient Virgo Cluster spiral galaxy NGC 4522, which is one of the clearest and nearest cases of ongoing

Ram pressure stripping of the multiphase interstellar medium of the Virgo Cluster elliptical galaxy M86 (NGC 4406)

The available infrared, optical, and X-ray data on the elliptical galaxy M86, which is experiencing strong ram-pressure stripping in the intracluster medium of the Virgo Cluster, are analyzed. A

Reflections of Active Galactic Nucleus Outbursts in the Gaseous Atmosphere of M87

We combined deep Chandra, ROSAT HRI, and XMM-Newton observations of M87 to study the impact of active galactic nucleus (AGN) outbursts on its gaseous atmosphere. Many X-ray features appear to be a

Chandra Observations of NGC 253: New Insights into the Nature of Starburst-driven Superwinds

Arcsecond-resolution X-ray imaging of the nucleus of the nearby starburst galaxy NGC 253 with Chandra reveals a well-collimated, strongly limb-brightened, kiloparsec-scale conical outflow from the