Chancelloriid Allonnia erjiensis sp. nov. from the Chengjiang Lagerstätte of South China

  title={Chancelloriid Allonnia erjiensis sp. nov. from the Chengjiang Lagerst{\"a}tte of South China},
  author={Hao Yun and Xingliang Zhang and Luoyang Li},
The chancelloriid Allonnia erjiensis sp. nov. is described based on articulated specimens from the Chengjiang fossil Lagerstatte (Cambrian Stage 3 of Series 2), South China. A total of 16 specimens, including three complete individuals, have been recognized, all of which are preserved in mudstones and highlighted by reddish iron oxides. Allonnia erjiensis has a conical body equipped with densely arranged 3+0-type sclerites. The body wall integument and sclerite microstructures are visible in… CONTINUE READING
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