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Chance Constrained Economic Dispatch of Generic Energy Storage under Decision-Dependent Uncertainty

  title={Chance Constrained Economic Dispatch of Generic Energy Storage under Decision-Dependent Uncertainty},
  author={Ning Qi and Pierre Pinson and Lin Cheng and Yuxiang Wan and Yingrui Zhuang},
—Aggregated and coordinated generic energy storage (GES) resources provide inexpensive, but uncertain flexibility for power grid operations and renewable energy integration. While different types of uncertainty exist, the literature mostly focuses on decision-independent uncertainties (DIUs). This manuscript focuses on two types of newly-introduced decision-dependent uncertainties (DDUs) for dispatching GES resources related to uncertain SOC boundaries and capacity degradation affected by… 
Risk Assessment with Generic Energy Storage under Exogenous and Endogenous Uncertainty
—Current risk assessment ignores the stochastic nature of energy storage availability itself and thus lead to potential risk during operation. This paper proposes the redefinition of generic energy


Thermal Battery Modeling of Inverter Air Conditioning for Demand Response
Simulation results demonstrate that the aggregated TB model works well with the power dispatch model developed for the lithium-ion batteries, and can be replaced in current dispatch models providing service for the grid.
Robust Distribution System Expansion Planning Incorporating Thermostatically-Controlled-Load Demand Response Resource
This paper presents a novel DSEP framework incorporating a data-driven model for a particular type of incentive-based DR called the thermostatically-controlled-load DR, which can substantially reduce the total expansion cost over conventional planning paradigms.
Reliability-Aware Probabilistic Reserve Procurement
Robust Scheduling of Virtual Power Plant Under Exogenous and Endogenous Uncertainties
A tractable solution method based on strong duality theory, McCormick relaxation, and the Benders’ decomposition to solve the proposed stochastic adaptive robust optimization with DDUs formulation is developed and simulation results demonstrate the applicability of the proposed approach.
A unified framework for adjustable robust optimization with endogenous uncertainty
A framework for multistage adjustable robust optimization that unifies the treatment of three different types of endogenous uncertainty that enables the modeling of decision-dependent nonanticipativity and results in a tractable reformulation of the problem.
Optimal Corrective Dispatch of Uncertain Virtual Energy Storage Systems
This paper investigates the uncertainty associated with energy-constrained aggregations of flexible, behind-the-meter distributed energy resources (DERs) and develops a risk-based chance constrained control strategy that optimizes the operational risk of unexpectedly saturating the VESS against deviating generators from their scheduled set-points.