Chamber Structure of Polarizations and the Moduli of Stable Sheaves on a Ruled Surface

  title={Chamber Structure of Polarizations and the Moduli of Stable Sheaves on a Ruled Surface},
  author={Ota Yoshioka},
  • Ota Yoshioka
  • Published 1994
LetX be a smooth projective surface defined over C andH an ample divisor onX. LetMH(r; c1, c2) be the moduli space of stable sheaves of rank r whose Chern classes (c1, c2) ∈ H (X,Q)×H(X,Q) and MH(r; c1, c2) the Gieseker-Maruyama compactification of MH(r; c1, c2). When r = 2, these spaces are extensively studied by many authors. When r ≥ 3, Drezet and Le-Potier [D1],[D-L] investigated the structure of moduli spaces on P, and Rudakov [R] treated moduli spaces on P×P. In this paper, we shall… CONTINUE READING
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