Challenging the Liberal Nation‐State? Postnationalism, Multiculturalism, and the Collective Claims Making of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Britain and Germany1

  title={Challenging the Liberal Nation‐State? Postnationalism, Multiculturalism, and the Collective Claims Making of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Britain and Germany1},
  author={Ruud Koopmans and Paul Statham},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={652 - 696}
As important aspects of purported tendencies toward globalization and pluralization, recent immigration waves and the resulting presence of culturally different ethnic minorities are often seen as fundamentally challenging liberal nation‐states and traditional models of citizenship. According to this perspective, migrants and ethnic minorities contribute through their claims making both to the external erosion of sovereignty (the postnational challenge), and to the internal cultural… 
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    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
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