Challenging local realism with human choices

  title={Challenging local realism with human choices},
  author={C. Abell{\'a}n and A. Ac{\'i}n and A. Alarc{\'o}n and O. Alibart and C. K. Andersen and F. Andreoli and A. Beckert and F. Beduini and A. Bendersky and M. Bentivegna and P. Bierhorst and D. Burchardt and A. Cabello and J. Carine and S. Carrasco and G. Carvacho and D. Cavalcanti and R. Chaves and J. Cort{\'e}s-Vega and A. Cuevas and A. Delgado and H. D. Riedmatten and C. Eichler and P. Farrera and J. Fuenzalida and M. Garc{\'i}a-Matos and R. Garthoff and S. Gasparinetti and T. Gerrits and F. G. Jouneghani and S. Glancy and E. S. G{\'o}mez and P. Gonz{\'a}lez and J.-Y. Guan and J. Handsteiner and J. Heinsoo and G. Heinze and A. Hirschmann and O. Jimenez and F. Kaiser and E. Knill and L. Knoll and S. Krinner and P. Kurpiers and M. Larotonda and J. Larsson and A. Lenhard and H. Li and M. Li and G. Lima and B. Liu and Y. Liu and I. Grande and T. Lunghi and X. Ma and O. S. Magana-Loaiza and P. Magnard and A. Magnoni and M. Marti-Prieto and D. Martinez and P. Mataloni and A. Mattar and M. Mazzera and R. P. Mirin and M. Mitchell and S. Nam and M. Oppliger and J.-W. Pan and R. B. Patel and G. J. Pryde and D. Rauch and K. Redeker and D. Riel{\"a}nder and M. Ringbauer and T. Roberson and W. Rosenfeld and Y. Salath'e and L. Santodonato and G. Sauder and T. Scheidl and C. T. Schmiegelow and F. Sciarrino and A. Seri and L. Shalm and S. Shi and S. Slussarenko and M. J. Stevens and S. Tanzilli and F. Toledo and J. Tura and R. Ursin and P. Vergyris and V. B. Verma and T. Walter and A. Wallraff and Z. Wang and H. Weinfurter and M. M. Weston and A. White and C. Wu and G. B. Xavier and L. You and X. Yuan and A. Zeilinger and Q. Zhang and W. Zhang and J. Zhong},
  • C. Abellán, A. Acín, +104 authors J. Zhong
  • Published 2018
  • Physics, Mathematics, Medicine
  • Nature
  • A Bell test is a randomized trial that compares experimental observations against the philosophical worldview of local realism1, in which the properties of the physical world are independent of our observation of them and no signal travels faster than light. A Bell test requires spatially distributed entanglement, fast and high-efficiency detection and unpredictable measurement settings2,3. Although technology can satisfy the first two of these requirements4–7, the use of physical devices to… CONTINUE READING
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