Challenges to plant growing in space.


Picture yourself a million miles from earth; it's lunch time. What will you eat: meat, fish, bread, fresh vegetables (cooked or uncooked), or food from a tube? What will happen to the waste products from the processed food or even from yourself? What will you breathe? These and hundreds of detailed questions must be answered. At present, we have little knowledge about a totally closed environment life support system (CELSS). We have developed in this paper a list of references that are pertinent to the problem. It is divided into subject areas and listed chronologically, rather than alphabetically.

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@article{Langhans1988ChallengesTP, title={Challenges to plant growing in space.}, author={Robert W Langhans and David R. Dreesen}, journal={HortScience : a publication of the American Society for Horticultural Science}, year={1988}, volume={23 2}, pages={286-93} }