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Challenges for the periodic systems of elements: chemical, historical and mathematical perspectives

  title={Challenges for the periodic systems of elements: chemical, historical and mathematical perspectives},
  author={Restrepo Guillermo},
Unveiling numerical trends among either atomic or equivalent weights that somehow preserved resemblances among elements was frequent in the 1860s. Standing out from the crowd, Meyer and Mendeleev went beyond numerical relationships, certainly motivated by a pedagogical aim. Both were after a system synthesizing the chemical knowledge of their times in an appealing way to be presented to chemistry students. Is it still the periodic system aiming at that? Is it really a map of the current… 



A Well-Ordered Thing

Dmitrii Mendeleev (1834–1907) is a name we recognize, but perhaps only as the creator of the periodic table of elements. Generally, little else has been known about him. This book is an authoritative

Nature engaged : science in practice from the Renaissance to the present

Introduction: Nature Engaged M.Biagioli & J.Riskin PART I: CONVENTIONS Scientific Meetings and Technical Standards K.Alder Practicing Eighteenth-Century Science Today H.Chang The Textbook Case of a

The Neue Zürcher Zeitung

On the 12th of January 1780, the first issue of the Neue Ziircher Zeitung was printed and published by Messrs. Orell, Gessner, F3ssli & Comp. This paper, now almost two hundred years old, is one of

Essays in the Philosophy of Chemistry

The chapter by Joseph E. Earley Sr. (chap. 10) can only be described as a tour de force in every sense of the term. Earley's writing, perhaps more than that of any other currently active author,

A tale of seven elements

This chapter discusses Dalton, van den Broek, Moseley and the missing seven elements, and the discovery of the Periodic System.

Mathematics Emerging: A Sourcebook 1540 - 1900

1. Beginnings 2. Fresh ideas 3. Foreshadowings of calculus 4. The calculus of Newton and of Leibniz 5. Early mathematical physics: Newton's Principia 6. Early number theory 7. Early probability 8.

General System Theory

This paper presents a brief exposition of some of the basic concepts of system theory and sketches its principal problems and techniques and discusses the notion of state and state-space methods.

Chemical element (Eds.

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