Challenges for Children with Special Health Needs at the Time of Transition to School

  title={Challenges for Children with Special Health Needs at the Time of Transition to School},
  author={Magdalena Janus and Ayesha Siddiqua},
In this chapter, the transition from pre-school to kindergarten for children who need assistance with developmental/physical disabilities or chronic illnesses (children with “special health needs”) will be discussed. Services available during this transition are often inadequate to facilitate a successful school entry among children with special health needs. Administrative challenges involving multiple services agencies and differences in philosophy of pre-school and kindergarten service… Expand
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Overall, Canadian EI providers reported using a high frequency of high-quality, individualized transition supports for children with ASD, and increased government support could lead to increased levels of elementary school engagement. Expand
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While the quantitative results suggested that parents' experience with services became less positive after their children entered school, the qualitative findings illustrated the variability in parents' experiences and components of service provision that require improvements to facilitate a successful school entry. Expand


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