Challenges for Beams in an Erl Extension to Cesr

  title={Challenges for Beams in an Erl Extension to Cesr},
  author={Georg. Hoffstaetter and Ivan V. Bazarov and Sergey A. Belomestnykh and Donald H. Bilderback and M. G. Billing and Gemma Codner and James A. Crittenden and Bruce M. Dunham and M. P. Ehrlichman and Kenneth D Finkelstein and Mark J. Forster and Shlomo Greenwald and Sol M Gruner and Vaclav O Kostroun and Yulin Li and Matthias U. Liepe and Charles E Mayes and H. S. Padamsee and Stewart B Peck and David Rice and D. C. Sagan and Ch. Spethmann and Alexander B. Temnykh and Maury Tigner and Y. Xie},
Cornell University is planning to build an EnergyRecovery Linac (ERL) X-ray facility. In this ERL design, a 5 GeV superconducting linear accelerator extends the CESR ring. Currently CESR is used for the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS). The very small electron-beam emittances would produce an x-ray source that is significantly better than any existing storage-ring light source. However, providing, preserving, and decelerating a beam with such small emittances has many issues. We… CONTINUE READING


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