Challenges and solution technologies for the integration of variable renewable energy sources—a review

  title={Challenges and solution technologies for the integration of variable renewable energy sources—a review},
  author={Simon Robert Sinsel and Rhea L. Riemke and Volker H. Hoffmann},
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A critical review of the integration of renewable energy sources with various technologies
Wind power, solar power and water power are technologies that can be used as the main sources of renewable energy so that the target of decarbonisation in the energy sector can be achieved. However,
Limitations, challenges, and solution approaches in grid‐connected renewable energy systems
In the modern world, only conventional energy resources cannot fulfil the growing energy demand. Electricity is a fundamental building block of a technological revolution. Today, most of the
Impacts of Renewable Energy Resources on Effectiveness of Grid-Integrated Systems: Succinct Review of Current Challenges and Potential Solution Strategies
This study is aimed at a succinct review of practical impacts of grid integration of renewable energy systems on effectiveness of power networks, as well as often employed state-of-the-art solution
Benefits of a Diversified Energy Mix for Islanded Systems
Achieving energy self-sufficiency is a major challenge for remote areas, especially islands. Various technologies have recently been developed to exploit renewable resources in such areas in order to
Potential, Prospects and Challenges Associated with the Implementation of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Zimbabwe
Renewable energy is one of the critical solutions to address the ever-increasing demand for energy. In developing countries such as Zimbabwe where the conventional generation hardly sustains half of
Influence of Battery Energy Storage Systems on Transmission Grid Operation With a Significant Share of Variable Renewable Energy Sources
The generation mix of Portugal now contains a significant amount of variable renewable energy sources (RES) and the amount of RES is expected to grow substantially. This has led to concerns being
Electric Vehicles: V2G for Rapid, Safe, and Green EV Penetration
Low carbon and renewable energy sources (RESs) are fast becoming a key sustainable instrument in meeting the global growth of electricity demand while curbing carbon emissions. For example, the


Quantification, challenges and outlook of PV integration in the power system: a review by the European PV Technology Platform
: Integration in the power system has become a limiting factor to the further development of photovoltaics. Proper quantification is needed to evaluate both issues and solutions; the share of annual
Grid integration of renewable energy sources: Challenges, issues and possible solutions
  • A. S. Anees
  • Engineering, Environmental Science
    2012 IEEE 5th India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE)
  • 2012
India is considering renewable energy resources (RES) like solar and wind as alternative for future energy needs. As on March 31, 2012 the grid interactive power generation from RES is 24914 MW i.e.
Technical Challenges, Security and Risk in Grid Integration of Renewable Energy
Renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) are well on the way to dominate power systems as their penetration levels are increasing at a staggering rate in many countries.
Challenges to the Integration of Renewable Resources at High System Penetration
“Smart” coordination of the grid should mitigate technical difficulties associated with intermittent and distributed generation, support grid stability and reliability, and maximize benefits to California ratepayers by using the most economic technologies, design and operating approaches.
A review on Key Issues and Challenges in Integration of Distributed Generation System
  • Nikita Gupta, S. K
  • Engineering
    2018 5th IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section International Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (UPCON)
  • 2018
Key issues and challenges in the integration of DG system are highlighted, strategies need to be explored for safe islanding and adaptive relay setting and control techniques are explored.
Analyzing Major Challenges of Wind and Solar Variability in Power Systems
Abstract Ambitious policy targets together with current and projected high growth rates indicate that future power systems will likely show substantially increased generation from renewable energy
Protection challenges under bulk penetration of renewable energy resources in power systems: A review
Protection schemes for renewable integrated power networks which includes distribution, transmission and microgrid systems are presented, which are experiencing dynamic fault currents and frequent changing network topologies.