Challenges and Issues of Generation Z

  title={Challenges and Issues of Generation Z},
  author={Anjali Singh},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Business and Management},
  • Anjali Singh
  • Published 2014
  • Sociology
  • IOSR Journal of Business and Management
The main purpose of my research on Gen Z is to look after the changing behavior of children, students and scholars are of globalscenerio. I accept the fact that Gen Z is very active, motivated, goal oriented, extraordinary, competent, researcher, observer etc. They are fully awakened by the social responsibilities towards society, knowledge of laws, rules and regulation, they are extremely technology savvy, smart minded, challenging, adventurous, active decision maker, leadership skill and… Expand
There is a very less information and literature review we have in hand about Generation Z characteristic. Most organizations are still at large not much concern of their existence, while the societyExpand
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Constructing Grounded Theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis Kathy Charmaz Constructing Grounded Theory: A practical guide through qualitative analysis Sage 224 £19.99 0761973532 0761973532 [Formula: see text].
  • K. Charmaz
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • Nurse researcher
  • 2006
K Kathy Charmaz's excellent and practical guide to grounded theory in nursing and how to do qualitative research in nursing is welcomed. Expand
Grounding grounded theory : guidelines for qualitative inquiry
Prologue. Introduction. A Mixed Marriage. Categories. Categorization. Coding. Concluding. Process and Causality. Structures and Agency. Making Fit Theory. Making Theory Fit. Grounding GroundedExpand
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