Challenges Since Wikipedia: The Availability of Rorschach Information Online and Internet Users’ Reactions to Online Media Coverage of the Rorschach–Wikipedia Debate

  title={Challenges Since Wikipedia: The Availability of Rorschach Information Online and Internet Users’ Reactions to Online Media Coverage of the Rorschach–Wikipedia Debate},
  author={Douglas S Schultz and James L. Loving},
  journal={Journal of Personality Assessment},
  pages={73 - 81}
We conducted 2 studies to assess the availability of Rorschach information online and Internet users’ attitudes since the inkblots were published on Wikipedia. In the first study, the authors conducted 2 Google searches for Web sites containing Rorschach-related information. The top 88 results were classified by level of threat to test security; 19% posed a direct threat. The authors also found Web sites authored by psychologists that divulged sensitive Rorschach information. In the second… 
More Challenges Since Wikipedia: The Effects of Exposure to Internet Information About the Rorschach on Selected Comprehensive System Variables
Initial results indicated that participants given the Wikipedia article produced a lower number of responses (R) and had higher scores on Populars, X+%, XA%, and WDA% as compared to controls, but post-hoc analyses revealed that when the influence of Populars was controlled, significant differences for X+, XA, and W DA% disappeared.
The Impact of Exposure to Internet-Based Information About the Rorschach and the MMPI–2 on Psychiatric Outpatients’ Ability to Simulate Mentally Healthy Test Performance
It is concluded that Internet-based information could threaten test validity because faking patients and Internet-faking patients produced constricted protocols with significantly higher F% and lower use of provoking and aggressive contents than the other groups.
Rorschach tests and Rorschach vigilantes
One of the clearest signs that Psychology has impacted popular culture is the public’s familiarity with the Rorschach ink-blot test. An excellent example of the Rorschach in popular culture can be
Assessing the Alternate-Form Reliability of Interview-Based and Web-Based Rorschach Responses Measuring Body Boundary Imagery and Regressive Imagery
This study assesses the alternate-form reliability of the Body Type Dictionary (BTD) for measuring body boundary imagery and primordial thought language in interview-based and web-based Rorschach
A comparative account of the Rorschach in Britain demonstrates how different national institutions invested in the 'projective hypothesis' according to the influence of psychoanalysis, the adoption of a nationalized health system, and the social positioning of 'others' throughout the twentieth century.
The analyst's Rorschach: gateway to opening the dialectical field.
  • W. Alexy
  • Psychology
    The Journal of analytical psychology
  • 2018
The author offers an account of his evolving relationship with the Rorschach test which for over 20 years as a private practice psychologist, he used in his clinical practice with the intent of
Incarcerated Violent Offenders' Ability to Avoid Revealing Their Potential for Violence on the Rorschach and the MMPI–2
Although both faking groups managed to avoid giving responses with aggressive and generally psychopathological content on the RIM, they were unable to produce test profiles demonstrating healthy test performance on any of the tests; nevertheless, Internet-based test information might weaken test validity.
Critical review of the use of the Rorschach in European courts
  • Igor Areh, F. Verkampt, A. Allan
  • Law
    Psychiatry, psychology, and law : an interdisciplinary journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
  • 2022
In relation to the admissibility of evidence obtained using projective personality tests arose in F v. Bevándorlási és Állampolgársági Hivatam (2018). The Court of Justice of the European Union has
The Multimodal Assessment of Adult Attachment Security: Developing the Biometric Attachment Test
A new exposure-based, automatic, and objective adult-attachment assessment, the Biometric Attachment Test (BAT), is presented, which exposes participants to a short standardized set of visual and music stimuli, whereas their immediate reactions and verbal responses, captured by several computer sense modalities, are automatically analyzed for scoring and classification.


Effects of information about validity scales on underreporting of symptoms on the personality assessment inventory.
It is suggested that coaching may enable some respondents to underreport symptoms without detection, and underreporting scales on the PAI are effective in discriminating standard profiles from those completed by uncoached underreporting participants but are less effective in discriminate standard profile from those produced by participants who have been warned about the under reporting scales.
Trying to beat the system: Misuse of the Internet to assist in avoiding the detection of psychological symptom dissimulation
Although the Internet may be beneficial to clinical practice, its potential for misuse cannot be overlooked. The current probe identified Internet Web sites that contained information that violated
Effects of Information About Validity Scales on Underreporting of Symptoms on the MMPI-2
The effects of two levels of information about the validity scales of the MMPI-2 on underreporting of symptoms were investigated in a college-student population. Subjects who were instructed and
Coverage of the Test of Memory Malingering, Victoria Symptom Validity Test, and Word Memory Test on the Internet: is test security threatened?
  • L. Bauer, R. Mccaffrey
  • Psychology
    Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists
  • 2006
The Status of the Rorschach in Clinical and Forensic Practice: An Official Statement by the Board of Trustees of the Society for Personality Assessment
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality assessment
  • 2005
This statement affirms that the Rorschach possesses reliability and validity similar to that of other generally accepted personality assessment instruments, and its responsible use in personality assessment is appropriate and justified.
On the differential diagnosis of multiple personality in the forensic context.
Abstract The problems of diagnosing multiple personality disorder in a forensic context are discussed, and illustrated by the case of Stute u. Kenneth Birrnchi (1979), a defendant who was both
Normative Data for the MMPI-2 in Child Custody Litigation.
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) norms based on 508 child custody litigants are presented. Defensive underreporting and self-favorability were often exhibited along with an
The bell curve : intelligence and class structure in American life
Contents List of Illustrations List of Tables A Note to the Reader Preface Acknowledgments Introduction PART I. THE EMERGENCE OF A COGNITIVE ELITE 1 Cognitive Class and Education, 1900-1990 2
Feigning schizophrenic disorders on the MMPI-2: detection of coached simulators.
A stringent test of the MMPI-2 validity indices and their ability to detect feigned schizophrenia in four groups of simulators found knowledge of strategies alone allowed many simulators to elude detection.
The Status of Exner's Comprehensive System in Contemporary Research
Is the Exner Comprehensive System the most frequently used method or approach to Rorschach analysis? In addition to the existing literature on assessment practices, the results of a citation analysis