Challenges Facing Fish Farming Development in Western Kenya

  title={Challenges Facing Fish Farming Development in Western Kenya},
  author={Zacharia Shitote and Jacob Wanambacha Wakhungu and Samuel S. China},
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This paper examines the challenges facing fish farming development in western kenya. Sample survey of 192 farmers representing the fish farming community in the area was used. The study result revealed that the high prices of fish feed, declining fish prices and lack of finance were found to be the top ranking serious challenges facing fish farmers in that area. A Cross-sectional and longitudinal Survey research design was adopted for the study. Stratified sampling was used to select fish… 
Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Fish Farmers and their Effects on Fish Farming Management Practices in Kakamega County, Kenya
Fish farming in Kakamega County, Kenya faces the challenges of underinvestment and poor management, which often results in low yields. Many farmers have shied away from investing in fish farming and
Socio-economic factors influencing performance of fish farming in Kwanza constituency-Trans-Nzoia County,Kenya
The purpose of this study was to investigate socio-economic factors influencing the performance of fish farming in Kwanza Constituency, Trans-Nzoia County. Specifically, the study sought to
Gender Disparity And Its Implications In Farming Set Up. Case Study of Fish Farming Projects Of 2009 Up To 2011 in Kirinyaga County Kenya
Despite the Government of Kenya injecting Ksh1.12 billion in Economic stimulus program little had been done to assess gender disparity not withstanding that among conditions set for fish farmers to
aquaculture development and ugandas agricultural extension system the case of fish farmers in central and northern regions
Agricultural extension services are critical to the development of crops, livestock and fish farming in order to bring about social change. Fish farming, though introduced over 50 years ago through
Socioeconomic dynamics and characterization of land-based aquaculture in Western Kenya
With the global decline in capture fisheries, aquaculture remains alternative in bridging the gap and meeting the demand for fisheries products. Currently, aquaculture contributes approximately 50%
Evaluation of fish farming practices and utilization of rice milling byproducts as fish feeds in Kirinyaga County, Kenya
Although 86% of farmers cited high cost of feed as a challenge, none of them fed fish based on their weight, and rice bran produced from large mills had higher quality compared to that from small mills.
Predation And Its Associated Risk Factors In Fish Farms In Kirinyaga County , Kenya
The government of Kenya, through the Fish Farming Enterprise and Productivity Program (FFEPP), invested heavily in the aquaculture sector between 2008 – 2011 by constructing fish ponds, providing
An overview of the current status of Kenyan fish feed industry and feed management practices, challenges and opportunities
An audit of the current status of the Kenyan fish feed industry and on-farm feed management practices including opportunities and constraints from the fish farmer’s perspective is presented.
Fish feeds and feed management practices in the Kenyan aquaculture sector: Challenges and opportunities
Feeds and feed management practices are key to the development of the aquaculture sector. To achieve high levels of aquaculture production, fish farmers need nutritionally adequate and cost-effective
Member-Specific Characteristics Affecting Capacity of Farmer organisations in Promoting Fish Farming : Case of Dowa and Mchinji Districts in Malawi
This study examines some selected member-specific characteristics affecting capacity of farmer organizations in promoting fish farming. Five fish farmer organizations which undertook fish farming


Analysis of Profitability of Fish Farming in Ogun State, Nigeria
Abstract This study was conducted in Ogun state, Nigeria and made use of both primary and secondary data. The main instrument for collecting the primary data was structured questionnaire. The
Should You Attempt Fish Farming? Considerations for Prospective Fish Growers
Fish farming is an ancient practice that can provide many profitable opportunities today. The raising and selling of fish on a commercial basis has proven to be economically successful throughout the
Introduction to Aquaculture
This book discusses water quality, laws Pertaining to Aquaculture, and culture systems, which are related to filtration and water treatment.
Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic. Report of a WHO consultation.
The fundamental causes of the obesity epidemic are sedentary lifestyles and high-fat energy-dense diets, both resulting from the profound changes taking place in society and the behavioural patterns of communities as a consequence of increased urbanization and industrialization and the disappearance of traditional lifestyles.
Introduction to aquaculture
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This is not an up-to-date reference or textbook, and its bold price puts it out of reach for students anyway, but it does make the work of a great pioneer of fish disease research and his co-workers accessible to a non-German-speaking readership.
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