Challenges Faced in Realization of Object Manipulator for Neutron Radiography of Pyro-devices


Neutron Radiography (NR) is a mandatory inspection method for screening of pyro-devices used in aerospace applications. It is used to confirm the presence of explosive charge, detecting voids in resins & potting compounds, confirming proper assembly of O-rings etc. Positioning the test article in-line with neutron beam and imaging system is a challenging task. Considering the radiation safety requirements, frequent entry of personnel into the radiation hall needs to be reduced. At the same time, to reduce the cycle time of operation of neutron source, multiple exposures are to be planned in a single operation of neutron generator. Towards this, a remotely operated multi-station object manipulator system was designed and realized for establishing an in-house NR facility at VSSC. Towards obtaining an image, the object manipulator has a set of specific requirements such as providing minimum distance between object and imaging system without touching each other, minimum collimator to object distance, assembly fixtures to capture multiple pyro devices in one radiographic shot to reduce the cycle time of neutron emission, automatic and manual control using PLC/SCADA system for manipulator motion with control options both remote as well as on-site, flameproof servo motors to assist motion etc. The design also required use of materials that are relatively transparent to neutrons and which emit secondary radiations to the lowest extent. The fixture is mounted on the manipulator to avoid any vibration as this may cause fall of pyro devices which is catastrophic. This paper describes the design and realization of the object manipulator system which had overcome all the above mentioned challenges. M or e in fo a bo ut th is a rt ic le : ht tp :// w w w .n dt .n et /? id = 21 17 8

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