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Challenges & Opportunities for Blockchain Powered Healthcare Systems: A Review

  title={Challenges \& Opportunities for Blockchain Powered Healthcare Systems: A Review},
  author={Kefa V. O. Rabah},
  • K. Rabah
  • Published 16 October 2017
  • Computer Science, Medicine
Blockchain, the technology that began with Bitcoin in 2009, today promises to provide the safe, interoperable sharing of real-time data between providers, payers and patients in the healthcare industry. Majorly, blockchain's automated data verification capabilities, in particular, are able to resolve many of the trust issues regarding pulling data from disparate sources. Applications of the technology in healthcare shows promise for solving issues such as its used in EHR distribution of data… 

A Framework of the Critical Factors for Healthcare Providers to Share Data Securely Using Blockchain

This research proposes a framework that identifies the factors supporting data-sharing using blockchain among healthcare organisations, and investigates the benefits of using blockchain at the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, providing a detailed analysis of the healthcare sector, and evaluating how blockchain technology improves data- Sharing security.

A Review on the Role of Blockchain Technology in the Healthcare Domain

The concept of blockchain technology and hurdles in their adoption in the healthcare domain are discussed, and a review is conducted on the latest implementations of Blockchain technology in healthcare.

A comprehensive review on blockchain and Internet of Things in healthcare

An extensive literature review has been provided that includes the different prospects of using blockchain technology in healthcare, and the work done to enable the amalgamation of IoT and Blockchain in the health ecosystem is investigated.

Blockchain applications for the healthcare sector: Uses beyond Bitcoin

A Blockchain Framework for Patient-Centered Health Records and Exchange (HealthChain): Evaluation and Proof-of-Concept Study

By integrating a structured, interoperable design with patient-accumulated and generated data shared through smart contracts into a universally accessible blockchain, HealthChain presents patients and providers with access to consistent and comprehensive medical records.

A Survey of Blockchain-Based Strategies for Healthcare

This study aims to address research into the applications of the blockchain healthcare area by discussing the management of medical information, as well as the sharing of medical records, image sharing, and log management, and summarizes the methods used in healthcare per application area.

A Framework for Data Sharing between Healthcare Providers using Blockchain

A framework based on the blockchain technology has been proposed to achieve the goals of the present research on secure sharing and exchange of healthcare information between different healthcare providers in the KSA.

Use of Blockchain in Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review

This study reviews existing literature in order to identify the major issues of various healthcare stakeholders and to explore the features of blockchain technology that could resolve identified issues.

Applying Blockchain Technologies in Healthcare

It can be implied that the main focus areas of the studies on blockchain are solving payment systems, digital identity, and privacy and security issues in healthcare field.



Overview of Blockchain as the Engine of the 4th Industrial Revolution

This paper looks at how blockchain ecosystem coupled with blockchain technology is developing to foster a new blockchain-powered society and the work’s attribution and provenance nature of blockchain could play a greater role in the music and art industry.

Digital Cryptoeconomics Powered by Digital Cryptocurrency

  • K. Rabah
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2017
This paper presents some intuition about the deep mathematical relationship that exists between public and private keys using elliptic curve cryptography and shows how quantum computing could be a threat to Bitcoin security and the best practices to preserve its security.

Growing threat from counterfeit medicines.

  • Medicine
    Bulletin of the World Health Organization
  • 2010
The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with Interpol to dislodge the criminal networks raking in billions of dollars from this cynical trade in counterfeit medicines.

The Economics of Parallel Trade

The potential for parallel trade in the European Union has grown with the accession of low price countries and the harmonisation of registration requirements and an alternative is confidential contracting between individual manufacturers and governments to provide country—specific ex post discounts from the single ‘euro’ wholesale price, similar to rebates used by managed care in the US.

Information Asymmetry, R&D, and Insider Gains

Although researchers have documented gains from insider trading, the sources of private information leading to information asymmetry and insider gains have not been comprehensively investigated. We

Challenges & Opportunities for Blockchain Powered Healthcare Systems: A Review

This review paper step through how blockchain aid in the providing efficiency, security and privacy to management of patient care is step through.

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