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Challenge-response based secure test wrapper for testing cryptographic circuits

  title={Challenge-response based secure test wrapper for testing cryptographic circuits},
  author={A. Das and M. Knezevic and S. Seys and I. Verbauwhede},
  booktitle={ETS 2010},
  • A. Das, M. Knezevic, +1 author I. Verbauwhede
  • Published in ETS 2010
  • Computer Science
  • C ryptographic circuits need special test infrastructure due to the concern of security involved. [...] Key Method This scheme includes the KATAN lightweight block-cipher into IEEE 1500 Standard Test Wrapper and as such provides an extremely compact locking and unlocking mechanism for the standard scan chains. The overhead to include this secure locking/unlocking mechanism is limited to about 9% compared to a standard scan and test wrapper. The main contributions of the paper are full testability, very high…Expand Abstract
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