Chalcogen bonding of two ligands to hypervalent YF4 (Y = S, Se, Te, Po).

  title={Chalcogen bonding of two ligands to hypervalent YF4 (Y = S, Se, Te, Po).},
  author={W. Zierkiewicz and R. Wysokiński and M. Michalczyk and S. Scheiner},
  journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP},
  • W. Zierkiewicz, R. Wysokiński, +1 author S. Scheiner
  • Published 2019
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
  • The ability of two NH3 ligands to engage in simultaneous chalcogen bonds to a hypervalent YF4 molecule, with Y = S, Se, Te, Po, is assessed via quantum calculations. The complex can take on one of two different geometries. The cis structure places the two ligands adjacent to one another in a pseudo-octahedral geometry, held there by a pair of σ-hole chalcogen bonds. The bases can also lie nearly opposite one another, in a distorted octahedron containing one π-hole and one strained σ-hole bond… CONTINUE READING
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