Chains with Complete Connections and One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures

  title={Chains with Complete Connections and One-Dimensional Gibbs Measures},
  author={Roberto Fern{\'a}ndez and Gr'egory Maillard},
  journal={Electronic Journal of Probability},
We discuss the relationship between one-dimensional Gibbs measures and discrete-time processes (chains). We consider finite-alphabet (finite-spin) systems, possibly with a grammar (exclusion rule). We establish conditions for a stochastic process to define a Gibbs measure and vice versa. Our conditions generalize well known equivalence results between ergodic Markov chains and fields, as well as the known Gibbsian character of processes with exponential continuity rate. Our arguments are purely… 

On the relation between Gibbs and $g$ -measures

Thermodynamic formalism, the theory of equilibrium states, is studied both in dynamical systems and probability theory. Various closely related notions have been developed: e.g.

Construction of a specification from its singleton part

It is shown that, within a class of measures with suitable support properties, consistency with singletons implies consistency with the full specication.

On the relationship of energy and probability in models of classical statistical physics

A new point of view on the mathematical foundations of statistical physics of infinite volume systems is presented, based on the newly introduced notions of transition energy function, transition energy field and one-point transitionEnergy field, which establishes a straightforward relationship between the probabilistic notion of (Gibbs) random field and the physical notion of(transition) energy.

Markov and almost Markov properties in one, two or more directions.

In this review-type paper written at the occasion of the Oberwolfach workshop {\em One-sided vs. Two-sided stochastic processes} (february 22-29, 2020), we discuss and compare Markov properties and

Gibbs measures for models on lines and trees

Het proefschrift bevat een aantal verschillende resultaten. 1) We tonen aan dat de Gibbs-maten van het een-dimensionale Dyson-model, een Ising-spinmodel met langzaam afvallende

PR ] 1 4 N ov 2 00 6 Construction of a specification from its singleton part Roberto Fernández and Grégory Maillard

We state a construction theorem for specifications starting from singlesite conditional probabilities (singleton part). We consider general single-site spaces and kernels that are absolutely

Optimal Gaussian concentration bounds for stochastic chains of unbounded memory

It is proved that a GCB holds when the sum of oscillations of the Kernel is less than one, or when the variation of the kernel is summable, i.e., belongs to l^1(N).

One-Sided Versus Two-Sided Stochastic Descriptions

  • A. Enter
  • Mathematics
    Statistical Mechanics of Classical and Disordered Systems
  • 2019
It is well-known that discrete-time finite-state Markov Chains, which are described by one-sided conditional probabilities which describe a dependence on the past as only dependent on the present,

Non-uniqueness for specifications in ` 2 +

For every p > 2, we construct a regular and continuous specification (g-function), which has a variation sequence that is in `p and which admits multiple Gibbs measures. Combined with a result of

2 Definitions and preliminaries 2 . 1 The 2 d Ising model

  • 2018



Gibbs Measures and Phase Transitions

This comprehensive monograph covers in depth a broad range of topics in the mathematical theory of phase transition in statistical mechanics and serves both as an introductory text and as a reference for the expert.

Chains with Complete Connections: General Theory, Uniqueness, Loss of Memory and Mixing Properties

We introduce a statistical mechanical formalism for the study of discrete-time stochastic processes with which we prove: (i) General properties of extremal chains, including triviality on the tail

On chains of infinite orde


Bernoullicity is the strongest mixing property that a measuretheoretic dynamical system can have. This is known to be intimately connected to the so-called d̄ metric on processes, introduced by

Sur les chaˆchaˆınes statistiques

  • C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris
  • 1935

of London Mathematical Society Student Texts

  • 1998

Non-ergodicity for C1 expanding maps and g-measures

Abstract We introduce a procedure for finding C1 Lebesgue measure-preserving maps of the circle isomorphic to one-sided shifts equipped with certain invariant probability measures. We use this to

The phase transition in the one-dimensional Ising Model with 1/r2 interaction energy

We prove the existence of a spontaneous magnetization at low temperature for the one-dimensional Ising Model with 1/r2 interaction energy.