Chain ontology based: A model for protecting personal information privacy


Privacy and personal information have penetrated all forms of todaypsilas business transactions such as banking and e-commerce to new forms of socializing online such as Facebook, to ones own health records. In protecting such sensitive & private data several initiatives have been created in various forms from legislation, PIPEDA to policies such as P3P. Unfortunately, none of these enforce protection of data. Recent solutions have emerged to enforce data privacy & protection such as the Hippocratic database. But this solution has proved complex in purpose wide range decision making. In this paper wer bring forth a new idea that integrates personal information ontology with the concept of chains[1], in order to overcome the Hippocratic deficiencies. We demonstrate the idea with a prototype in the context of healthcare data management, a sector in which maintaining the privacy of individual information is of essential importance.

DOI: 10.1109/ICDIM.2008.4746767

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@article{Omran2008ChainOB, title={Chain ontology based: A model for protecting personal information privacy}, author={Esraa Omran and Albert Bokma and Shereef Abu Al-Maati}, journal={2008 Third International Conference on Digital Information Management}, year={2008}, pages={363-368} }