Chagas disease

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Chagas Disease: From Discovery to a Worldwide Health Problem

This review aims to describe the spread of CD cases worldwide since its discovery until it has become a global public health concern.

Trypanocidal treatment of Chagas disease.

Trypanocidal treatment of Chagas disease.

Imidazole Derivatives as Promising Agents for the Treatment of Chagas Disease

An in-depth phenotypic evaluation in T. cruzi of a new class of imidazole compounds, designed as potential inhibitors of cAMP phosphodiesterases (PDEs), constitutes a successful repurposing of research into inhibitors of mammalian PDEs.

WHF IASC Roadmap on Chagas Disease

The WHF IASC Roadmap proposes strategies and evidence-based solutions for healthcare professionals, health authorities and governments to help overcome the barriers to comprehensive care for Chagas disease patients.

Immunomodulation for the Treatment of Chronic Chagas Disease Cardiomyopathy: A New Approach to an Old Enemy

An overview of current reports regarding the use of immunomodulatory agents in treatment of Chronic Chagas cardiomyopathy is provided, bringing the challenges and future directions in this field.

Drug discovery for chagas disease : A viewpoint Jadel

The Chagas disease research community must commit to even greater collaboration to ensure that patients eventually benefit from better treatments, and is still uncertain whether safe, effective and accessible new drugs will be available in the near future.

Chapter 2 Chagas Disease in the Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico

The situation of Chagas disease in touristic areas of the Caribbean of America Latina is described and a brief review of information is provided that allows visitors to know about the epidemiology and potential risks of this infection.

Orbital Cellulitis in Chagas Disease: An Unusual Presentation.

A case of a 47-year-old healthy farmer diagnosed with a right orbital cellulitis refractory to systemic antibiotics, who had a proper recovery and continued with a regular follow-up to monitor the possible development of a chronic phase of Chagas disease.

Current trends in the pharmacological management of Chagas disease