Chad/Darfur: How two crises merge

  title={Chad/Darfur: How two crises merge},
  author={Roland Marchal},
  journal={Review of African Political Economy},
  pages={467 - 482}
  • R. Marchal
  • Published 1 September 2006
  • Political Science
  • Review of African Political Economy
Two recent events seem to indicate that, after three years of turbulence, the situation in this part of the continent would return to normal.1 The first event was on 3 May 2006 when Idriss Déby Itno was re-elected as president of Chad, with over 77 per cent of the votes. The second, two days later, was the signature of a peace agreement on Darfur in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. However, our analysis stresses that the crises in Chad and Darfur are closely related and that the situation will… 
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France supports the position of President Déby who has been twice democratically elected
  • See Marielle Debos' ongoing research, as well as that of J. Roitman
  • 1922
See the Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur to the United Nations Secretary General, pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1564 of
  • 1920
Chadians often complain about their sub-prefects who are usually Zaghawa and designated by the President. They can neither read nor write, being 'bilingual illiterates
For another example of how this concept is used, see Roland Marchal
  • Politique africaine
Gorane under Habré, Zaghawa under Déby
He died in a helicopter crash on