ChIPSeqFPro, a pipeline for sequential processing of ChIP-Seq fastq to bigwig files

  title={ChIPSeqFPro, a pipeline for sequential processing of ChIP-Seq fastq to bigwig files},
  author={M. Pjanic},
  • M. Pjanic
  • Published 2017
  • Computer Science, Biology
  • bioRxiv
  • ChIPSeqFPro is a pipeline that automates processing of a collection of ChIPSeq or ATAC-Seq data starting from the gzip compressed fastq files. It performs the quality control using FastQC, mapping to the human genome hg19 or mouse mm10 using BWA mapper, for both single read or paired end sequencing fastq files, followed with sam to bam conversion using samtools view, creates statistics on bam files using samtools flagstat, peak calling with MACS, and finally creates high resolution bigwig files… CONTINUE READING


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