ChAdOx1 NiV vaccination protects against lethal Nipah Bangladesh virus infection in African green monkeys

  title={ChAdOx1 NiV vaccination protects against lethal Nipah Bangladesh virus infection in African green monkeys},
  author={Neeltje van Doremalen and Victoria A. Avanzato and Friederike Feldmann and Jonathan E. Schulz and Elaine Haddock and Atsushi Okumura and Jamie Lovaglio and Patrick W. Hanley and Kathleen Cordova and Greg Saturday and Teresa Lambe and Sarah C. Gilbert and Vincent J. Munster},
Nipah virus (NiV) is a highly pathogenic and re-emerging virus which causes sporadic but severe infections in humans. Currently, no vaccines against NiV have been approved. We previously showed that ChAdOx1 NiV provides full protection against a lethal challenge with NiV Bangladesh (NiV-B) in hamsters. Here, we investigated the efficacy of ChAdOx1 NiV in the lethal African green monkeys (AGMs) NiV challenge model. AGMs were vaccinated either 4 weeks before challenge (prime vaccination), or 8… Expand


Use of Single-Injection Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Vaccine to Protect Nonhuman Primates Against Lethal Nipah Virus Disease
Assessment of replication-restricted single-injection recombinant vesicular stomatitis vaccine NiV vaccine vectors expressing the NiV glycoproteins against NiVB challenge in African green monkeys shows protective efficacy against a stringent and relevant NiVB model of human infection. Expand
A single-dose ChAdOx1-vectored vaccine provides complete protection against Nipah Bangladesh and Malaysia in Syrian golden hamsters
ChAdOx1 NiVB, a simian adenovirus-based vaccine encoding NiV glycoprotein (G) Bangladesh, is a suitable candidate for further NiV vaccine pre-clinical development and was unable to detect infectious virus in swabs or tissue of animals challenged with the heterologous strain. Expand
Recombinant Measles Virus Vaccine Expressing the Nipah Virus Glycoprotein Protects against Lethal Nipah Virus Challenge
RMV-NiV-G is proposed as an appropriate NiV vaccine candidate for use in humans, and hamsters were completely protected against NiV challenge, while the mortality of unvaccinated control hamsters was 90%. Expand
Single-dose live-attenuated vesicular stomatitis virus-based vaccine protects African green monkeys from Nipah virus disease.
It is shown that this vaccine protects African green monkeys, a well-characterized model of Nipah virus disease, from disease one month after a single intramuscular administration of the vaccine. Expand
Development of an Acute and Highly Pathogenic Nonhuman Primate Model of Nipah Virus Infection
These findings demonstrate the first consistent and highly pathogenic NHP model of NiV infection, providing a new and critical platform in the evaluation and licensure of either passive and active immunization or therapeutic strategies for human use. Expand
Vaccines to Emerging Viruses: Nipah and Hendra.
The progress made in NiV and HeV vaccine development is reviewed, with an emphasis on those approaches that have been tested in established animal challenge models of NiV or HeV infection and disease. Expand
A Recombinant Hendra Virus G Glycoprotein Subunit Vaccine Protects Nonhuman Primates against Hendra Virus Challenge
All vaccinated African green monkeys were completely protected against subsequent Hendra virus infection and disease, and the success of this new subunit vaccine in nonhuman primates provides critical data in support of its further development for future human use. Expand
A Hendra Virus G Glycoprotein Subunit Vaccine Protects African Green Monkeys from Nipah Virus Challenge
It is shown that vaccination of AGMs with a recombinant subunit vaccine based on the henipavirus attachment G glycoprotein affords complete protection against subsequent NiV infection with no evidence of clinical disease, virus replication, or pathology observed in any challenged subjects. Expand
A single dose of ChAdOx1 MERS provides protective immunity in rhesus macaques
For Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), it is shown that rhesus macaques seroconverted rapidly after a single intramuscular vaccination with ChAd Ox1 MERS, and antibodies elicited by ChAdOx1 Mers in rhesu macaques neutralized six different MERS- coV strains. Expand
A single dose investigational subunit vaccine for human use against Nipah virus and Hendra virus
It is reported that a single dose vaccination regimen of this human vaccine formulation protects against otherwise lethal challenges of either Hendra or Nipah virus in a nonhuman primate model. Expand