Cervical thymic cyst: case reports and review of the literature.

  title={Cervical thymic cyst: case reports and review of the literature.},
  author={Quoc An T Nguyen and M W DeTar and Willard Wells and Dennis M Crockett},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={106 3 Pt 1},
Due to its rarity, cervical thymic cyst is seldom included in the differential diagnosis of a neck mass. Approximately 80 cases have been reported thus far, and most of these cases have occurred asymptomatically in children and adults. Only 5 cases have involved patients younger than 1 year of age. The authors report four new patients with thymic cyst in the neck. Two of the patients were newborns in whom the cyst caused airway obstruction and dysphagia. All four patients underwent successful… CONTINUE READING
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