Ceruloplasmin-ferroportin system of iron traffic in vertebrates.

  title={Ceruloplasmin-ferroportin system of iron traffic in vertebrates.},
  author={Giovanni Musci and Fabio Polticelli and Maria Carmela Bonaccorsi di Patti},
  journal={World journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={5 2},
Safe trafficking of iron across the cell membrane is a delicate process that requires specific protein carriers. While many proteins involved in iron uptake by cells are known, only one cellular iron export protein has been identified in mammals: ferroportin (SLC40A1). Ceruloplasmin is a multicopper enzyme endowed with ferroxidase activity that is found as a soluble isoform in plasma or as a membrane-associated isoform in specific cell types. According to the currently accepted view, ferrous… CONTINUE READING
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