Certified Complexity


CerCo (‘Certified Complexity’) aims to develop tools for reasoning about intensional properties of programs written in high level anguages. If successful, it will be possible to write correct hard real time programs and to formally prove, in a high level way, that rograms meet all deadlines. Further, as many clock cycles as possible can be wrought from the processor by using a cost model hat does not over-estimate. Cost models for high level languages compiled to machine code are non-compositional. The cost model must be determined by he compilation process and must assign costs to instructions depending on context. Our approach—letting the compiler output he cost model—induces a precise cost model for the source program from the compilation process itself. Further, we must raise ur level of trust in the (cost inducing) compiler. We plan to formally verify the compiler, proving it respects both intensional and xtensional—w.r.t the cost model—properties of the source program. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of FET11 conference organizers and published by Elsevier B.V.

DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2011.09.054

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