Certicom Proposal to Revise SEC 1 : Elliptic Curve Cryptography


The Standard for Efficient Cryptography (SEC) 1, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Version 1.0 [23] is a freely available specification of selected ECC techniques. Because of many developments in ECC since its publication in September, 2000, SEC1 would benefit from a revision. This document summarizes Certicom’s proposed modifications to SEC 1, v. 1.0. 1 Schedule and Version Numbering The revision of SEC 1 shall be Version 2.0. A first draft of the Version 2.0 will be released for public comment around February 18, 2005, as Draft 1.5. Please direct any comments to the SECG mailing list. 2 Revisions to Core ECC Techniques The revised standard will continue to serve as consolidated specification of selected ECC techniques. The revisions primarily function to increase security, and secondarily to improve performance and maintain consistency with other parallel standards efforts. The following list summarizes the revisions to the ECC techniques: 1. Key transport mechanisms where a key agreement scheme is combined with a key wrap algorithm, for consistency with NIST SP 800-56 [18]. ∗Certicom Research

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