Cerrado conservation is key to the water crisis

  title={Cerrado conservation is key to the water crisis},
  author={C{\'a}ssio Cardoso Pereira and Geraldo Wilson Fernandes},
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Cerrado Rupestre is not Campo Rupestre: The unknown and threatened savannah on rocky outcrops

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Dams Pose a Critical Threat to Rivers in Brazil’s Cerrado Hotspot

Hydropower dams are touted as one of the cleanest forms of energy production, yet they are associated with severe environmental impacts on both the physical structure and functioning of river



Undervaluing and Overexploiting the Brazilian Cerrado at Our Peril

In a context of international scrutiny, important efforts are being made to preserve Brazil’s tropical forests. Meanwhile, the destruction of its Cerrado biome advances with increasing leaps but

Soy expansion in Brazil's Cerrado

The Cerrado biome is Brazil's breadbasket and a major provider of ecosystem services, though these dual roles are increasingly at odds, in part because there are few mechanisms to protect remaining

Protected Area Effectiveness in Reducing Conversion in a Rapidly Vanishing Ecosystem: The Brazilian Cerrado

Measuring how far protected areas (PAs) reduce threats to nature is essential for effective conservation. This is especially important where a high degree of threat is coupled with opportunities for

Water Appropriation on the Agricultural Frontier in Western Bahia and Its Contribution to Streamflow Reduction: Revisiting the Debate in the Brazilian Cerrado

Over the last three decades, almost half of the Brazilian tropical savanna (Cerrado biome) has been converted into cropland and planted pastures. This study aims to understand the implications of the

Why Brazil needs its Legal Reserves

Climate change impacts under representative concentration pathway scenarios on streamflow and droughts of basins in the Brazilian Cerrado biome

Brazilian Cerrado biome is the largest and richest tropical savanna in the world. In order to understand the effects of climate changes on the hydrology of the Cerrado basins, this paper investigates