Cerebroprotective effects of aminoguanidine in a rodent model of stroke.

  title={Cerebroprotective effects of aminoguanidine in a rodent model of stroke.},
  author={Kevin M. Cockroft and Malcolm Meistrell and George A. Zimmerman and Donald A. Risucci and O Josh Bloom and Anthony Cerami and Kevin J Tracey},
  volume={27 8},
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE During a cerebral infarction, a complex cascade of cytotoxic events ultimately determines the volume of brain cell loss. The studies presented here demonstrate that aminoguanidine, an experimental therapeutic currently in clinical trials to prevent diabetic complications, is cerebroprotective in focal cerebral infarction. METHODS Adult Lewis rats (n = 6 to 12 per group) were anesthetized with ketamine and subjected to focal cerebral infarction by tandem permanent… CONTINUE READING