Cerebriform sebaceous nevus: a rare presentation.

  title={Cerebriform sebaceous nevus: a rare presentation.},
  author={Roberto Rheingantz da Cunha Filho and Aline Peluso Fezer and N{\'a}dia Aparecida Lorencette},
  journal={Anais brasileiros de dermatologia},
  volume={90 3 Suppl 1},
A 13-year-old boy presented congenital, raised, yellowish colored plaques with fibroelastic consistency, which were velvety in appearance, alopecic, with clearly defined limits and sulci or well-marked meandering invaginations, a cerebriform appearance on the upper part of the right ear, accompanied by alopecia in the temporomandibular region-parietal. The lesion was asymptomatic. Histopathologic examination revealed acanthosis, hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis and follicular plugging in the… CONTINUE READING
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