Cerebral zygomycosis.

  title={Cerebral zygomycosis.},
  author={C A S Sivagami Sundaram and Anitha Mahadevan and V ijay Laxmi and Thagadur Chickabasaviah Yasha and Vani Santosh and Jagaralapudi Murali K Murthy and Anirudh Kumar Purohit and Simi Mohandas and S. K. Shankar},
  volume={48 6},
Fifty-six patients with cerebral zygomycosis (mucormycosis) were seen during the period 1971-2001 in two tertiary care hospitals located in south India with tropical climate and catering to neurological diseases. Forty-four patients had rhinocerebral and twelve patients had isolated central nervous system (CNS) zygomycosis. Of these, ten were culture proven (Rhizopus oryzae in eight and Mucor in two); 30 were diagnosed as probable and 16 were diagnosed possible; mixed infections were seen in… CONTINUE READING
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