Cerebral microembolization. I. Pathophysiological studies.

  title={Cerebral microembolization. I. Pathophysiological studies.},
  author={W M Vise and F. J. Schuier and K. A. Hossmann and Sachiko Takagi and Klaus Joachim Z{\"u}lch},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={34 11},
Unilateral embolization of the brain was performed in cats by intracarotid injection of 10.5 million carbonized microspheres (15 +/- 5 mu). Intracranial pressure increased from 6.1 +/- 1.5 to 14 +/- 2.3 mm Hg within two minutes and continued to rise more slowly to 24 +/- 18.3 mm Hg within four hours. Embolization caused a nonhomogenous distribution of microflow, but initially had no effect on global cerebral blood flow, nor on cortical oxygen tension. Yet, a functional suppression of cortical… CONTINUE READING