Cerebral metastasis in patients with uterine cervical cancer.

  title={Cerebral metastasis in patients with uterine cervical cancer.},
  author={Shingo Ikeda and Tomomi Yamada and Noriyuki Katsumata and Kenji Hida and Kenjiro Tanemura and R Tsunematu and Kazuo Ohmi and Tomoko Sonoda and Hiroshi Ikeda and Kuninori Nomura},
  journal={Japanese journal of clinical oncology},
  volume={28 1},
We report on eight patients who developed brain metastases following uterine cervical cancer. The mean interval between diagnosis of the primary cancer and diagnosis of the brain metastasis was 28.4 months (range: 6.1-61.8 months). Nausea and vomiting due to increased intracranial pressure were the most frequent symptoms. Surgical excision of the brain lesions, followed by postoperative radiotherapy, was performed in three patients. The other five patients received only cranial radiotherapy… CONTINUE READING


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