Cerebral lactate uptake during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in humans.

  title={Cerebral lactate uptake during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in humans.},
  author={Emanuel Phillip Rivers and N. Paradis and Gerard B. Martin and M E Goetting and Jamie A Rosenberg and Howard A. Smithline and Tony Appleton and Richard Michael Nowak},
  journal={Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism : official journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism},
  volume={11 3},
Animal studies have shown cerebral lactate uptake under conditions of anoxia and ischemia. Cerebral lactate uptake in humans during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) has not been previously reported in the literature. Forty-five patients receiving CPR underwent simultaneous sampling through jugular venous bulb, right atrial, and central aortic catheterization. The mean net cerebral lactate uptake (central aortic minus jugular venous bulb) was 0.76 +/- 1.86 and 0.80 +/- 2.03 mM on initial… CONTINUE READING