Cerebral ischemic events associated with prolapsing mitral valve.

  title={Cerebral ischemic events associated with prolapsing mitral valve.},
  author={Henry Joseph Macaulay Barnett and Mara Jones and Derek R. Boughner and William J. Kostuk},
  journal={Transactions of the American Neurological Association},
Twelve patients who had no evidence of arteriosclerotic cerebral vascular disease, lacked hypertension or coagulation defect, and had not been receiving contraceptive therapy had recurrent transient cerebral ischemic attacks (TIAs) and partial nonprogressive strokes. All had prolapsing mitral valve proved by angiocardiography. The average age was 38 years, compared with 62 years in a larger series of patients with TIA associated with arteriosclerosis. We propose that the ischemic events are… CONTINUE READING