Cerebral angiography in acute cerebral infarction.

  title={Cerebral angiography in acute cerebral infarction.},
  author={O J Sol{\'i}s and G R Roberson and J. M. Taveras and Jan Mohr and Michael S. Pessin},
  journal={Revista interamericana de radiologia},
  volume={2 1},
Cerebral angiography in the acute phase of clinically diagnosed stroke syndromes was evaluated in a prospective study of 104 consecutive patients over an eight month period at the Massachusetts General Hospital to determine the diagnostic yield. Of 68 patients subsequently documented to have retinal or cerebral hemispheric infarction, 63 (92.6%) had angiographic demonstration of occlusive lesions which appeared to correlate with the clinical deficit. These results are discordant with prior… CONTINUE READING

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