Cerebral and somatic near-infrared spectroscopy in normal newborns.

  title={Cerebral and somatic near-infrared spectroscopy in normal newborns.},
  author={Nicole P Bernal and George M. Hoffman and Nancy S. Ghanayem and Marjorie J. Arca},
  journal={Journal of pediatric surgery},
  volume={45 6},
PURPOSE Near-infrared spectroscopy has been used increasingly in the pediatric population as a continuous, noninvasive indicator of trends in organ perfusion and oxygenation. We studied healthy newborn babies to establish normal values during rest and feeding. METHODS Forty-four term newborns were recruited. Near-infrared spectroscopy probes were placed on the forehead and over the right kidney to record cerebral (rSO(2)C) and renal-somatic (rSO(2)R) regional oxyhemoglobin saturation… CONTINUE READING