Cerebral Malaria Simulating Meningitis


anaemia no cyanosis. Tongue?dry and coated. Bowels ?constipated". Pulse?feeble, 130 per minute, regular. Heart sounds?normal. Lungs?moist sounds at the bases. Temperature?101 ?F. (axillary). Treatment.?Blood films were taken for the examination of malaria parasites and the patient was put on quinine sulphate mixture 5i, t.d.s., each dose contain10"? seven grains of quinine sulphate. Blood films sho^e malignant tertian malaria parasites. 9th March. There was rigidity of neck and mutteri^ delirium present with unusual cry at times. response to external stimuli. Patient lying on in semi-comatose condition. Reflexes.?Superficial abdominal reflex absent. jerks exaggerated. Kernig's sign positive. Extens plantar reflex present. Temperature?101.4?F. (ma mum). Treatment.? (i) Soap water enema. . e (ii) Quinine sulphate mixture Ei thnc daily. .

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