Cerebral Doppler ultrasound of the human fetus.

  title={Cerebral Doppler ultrasound of the human fetus.},
  author={J A van den Wijngaard and I A L Groenenberg and Juriy W. Wladimiroff and Wim C. J. Hop},
  journal={British journal of obstetrics and gynaecology},
  volume={96 7},
Maximal flow velocity waveforms were recorded in the internal carotid artery (ICA), middle cerebral artery (MCA), posterior cerebral artery (PCA) and anterior cerebral artery (ACA) in 55 normal pregnancies and 14 complicated by intrauterine growth retardation between 25 and 41 weeks gestation. In normal pregnancy, acceptable flow velocity waveforms were obtained in the ICA in 89%, in the MCA in 91%, in the PCA in 58% and in the ACA in 64%. A decrease in pulsatility was observed in all four… CONTINUE READING


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