Cerebellopontine angle epidermoids: results of surgical treatment.

  title={Cerebellopontine angle epidermoids: results of surgical treatment.},
  author={Kalli J Doyle and Antonio de la Cruz},
  journal={Skull base surgery},
  volume={6 1},
Epidermoids, or congenital cholesteatomas, constitute about 0.2% to 1.5% of intracranial tumors, and 3% to 5% of tumors of the cerebellopontine angle (CPA). We review the surgical management of CPA epidermoids in 13 patients at the House Ear Clinic for the years 1978 to 1993. There were seven male and six female patients, ranging in age from 27 to 59 years (average, 40 years). Tumors ranged in size from 3.5 cm to 7.0 cm, and the surgical approach was tailored to the tumor extent and location… CONTINUE READING

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