Cerebellopontine angle arachnoid cyst associated with mirror movements

  title={Cerebellopontine angle arachnoid cyst associated with mirror movements},
  author={Esra Gurkas and Buket Yucel Altan and Kıvılcım G{\"u}c{\"u}yener and Ebru Kolsal},
  booktitle={Journal of pediatric neurosciences},
Arachnoid cysts are benign developmental collections of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). They constitute approximately 1% of intracranial masses. The cerebellopontine angle (CPA) arachnoid cysts are rare and often asymptomatic. The onset of symptoms and signs is usually due to the compression of the brain, cranial nerves and obstruction of CSF circulation. The major clinical symptoms for CPA arachnoid cysts were reported as headache, ataxia and 8(th) cranial nerve palsy. We report a patient with a… CONTINUE READING