Cerebellar aminergic neuromodulation: towards a functional understanding

  title={Cerebellar aminergic neuromodulation: towards a functional understanding},
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  journal={Brain Research Reviews},
  • N. Schweighofer, K. Doya, Shinya Kuroda
  • Published 2004
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Brain Research Reviews
  • Although a number of neuromodulators influence the cerebellar circuitry, their functions remain largely unknown. By reviewing and combining results from data-driven and theory-driven studies, we attempt to provide an integrated systems view of cerebellar neuromodulation. First, we review the short- and long-term effects of neuromodulators on the cerebellar circuitry. Second, we review recent theories of the cerebellum and show that a number of modulatory signals are needed for powerful… CONTINUE READING
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