Ceramide regulates SR protein phosphorylation during adenoviral infection.

  title={Ceramide regulates SR protein phosphorylation during adenoviral infection.},
  author={Souha Sami Kanj and Nadine Dandashi and Aimee El-Hed and Hisham Harik and Maria Maalouf and Lina Kozhaya and Talal Mousallem and Ann E. Tollefson and William S. M. Wold and Charles Edward Chalfant and Ghassan S. Dbaibo},
  volume={345 1},
In this study, we show that adenoviral infection induced accumulation of the sphingolipid ceramide in a dose- and time-dependent manner. This accumulation preceded cell lysis, occurred in the absence of biochemical evidence of apoptosis, and was derived from de novo synthesis of ceramide. An adenovirus mutant that lacks the adenovirus death protein (ADP) produced ceramide accumulation in the absence of cell lysis. This suggested that ceramide accumulation was either driven by adenovirus or was… CONTINUE READING


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