Ceramide plays a prominent role in MDA-7/IL-24-induced cancer-specific apoptosis.

  title={Ceramide plays a prominent role in MDA-7/IL-24-induced cancer-specific apoptosis.},
  author={Moira Sauane and Zao-zhong Su and Rupesh Dash and Xiang Liu and James Scott Norris and Devanand Sarkar and Seok-Geun Lee and Jeremy C. Allegood and Paul Dent and Sarah Spiegel and Paul B Fisher},
  journal={Journal of cellular physiology},
  volume={222 3},
Melanoma differentiation associated gene-7/interleukin-24 (mda-7/IL-24) uniquely displays broad cancer-specific apoptosis-inducing activity through induction of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. We hypothesize that ceramide, a promoter of apoptosis, might contribute to mda-7/IL-24 induction of apoptosis. Ad.mda-7-infected tumor cells, but not normal cells, showed increased ceramide accumulation. Infection with Ad.mda-7 induced a marked increase in various ceramides (C16, C24, C24:1… CONTINUE READING
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