Century-scale temperature variability and onset of industrial-era warming in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau

  title={Century-scale temperature variability and onset of industrial-era warming in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau},
  author={Guobao Xu and Xiaohong Liu and Qiong Zhang and Qiang Zhang and Amy R. Hudson and Valerie Trouet},
  journal={Climate Dynamics},
To improve our understanding of climate variability in the Tibetan Plateau (TP) and its sensitivity to external forcings, recent temperature changes need to be placed in a long-term historical context. Here, we present two tree-ring based temperature reconstructions: a 1003-year (1000–2002 CE) annual temperature reconstruction for the northeastern TP (NETP) based on seven series and a 522-year (1489–2010 CE) summer (June–July–August) temperature reconstruction for the southeastern TP (SETP… 

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