CentroidM: a centroid-based localization algorithm for mobile sensor networks

  title={CentroidM: a centroid-based localization algorithm for mobile sensor networks},
  author={Leonardo Londero de Oliveira and Jo{\~a}o Baptista dos Santos Martins and Gustavo Fernando Dessbesell and Jos{\'e} C. Monteiro},
In this paper, we present an adaptation of the well-known, range-free Centroid localization algorithm to deal with node mobility. This algorithm, which we call CentroidM, has the Centroid method as a stand. Positive features of the Centroid algorithm were kept while their limitations due to the dynamic characteristics of the network movement were mitigated. We consider a topology where a fraction of the nodes, called anchors, are static and are aware of their positions, while the remaining… CONTINUE READING
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